Key Laboratory of Econometrics (Xiamen University), Ministry of Education

The Key Laboratory of Econometrics (Xiamen University) as one of the first interdisciplinary key laboratories in Economics in China, and the fifth key laboratory at Xiamen University, was established in 2009 by the Ministry of Education.

The key laboratory focuses on developing econometric research and interdisciplinary research, encouraging research collaboration across statistics, mathematics, experimental psychology, biology, medical statistics and physics, etc. It aims at becoming a leading research institution in China with high international reputation on theoretical and applied econometrics.

As key components of the laboratory, the Finance and Economics Experimental Laboratory (FEEL) and the Financial Laboratory were established in the end of 2010 and 2011, respectively. The former is designed to conduct simulation experiments for studying a specific economic or financial phenomenon under controlled experimental environment; while the latter servers various teaching and research purposes using simulated data and real economic and financial data. The financial lab has already subscripted over 50 domestic and international research databases. Moreover, it has installed an analysis software for global financial information, platforms for simulating trades, index futures arbitrage trading system, dynamic models simulation systems, as well as other statistics softwares, including SAS, STATA and Eviews.

After several years of construction and development, the key laboratory successfully passed the inspection by the Ministry of Education in March 2013. At the current stage, the lab focuses on the research on time series econometrics, experimental economics, experimental finance, and applied econometrics. In the future, the lab will continue to concentrate on innovations in both theoretical and applied econometrics, interdisciplinary research and other social science and economic issues.

Since its establishment, the laboratory hosts international symposiums and econometrics summer schools regularly. Through various kinds of international cooperation, such as scholar visiting, student exchange programs, joint master programs and joint PhD program with Humboldt University of Berlin, the laboratory targets to become a platform for international econometric research center, as well as one of the most influential economics education intuitions in China.