Engineering Research Center for Micro-nano Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, Ministry of Education

The Engineering Research Center for Micro-nano Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, Ministry of Education, is being built up from October 2007. In order to promote the national optoelectronic industry, to break through the difficulties, especially the scientific and technical difficulties encountered in the optoelectronic industrial chain, the center aims at the hot and important researches on micro-nano optoelectronic materials and devices. Taking advantage of the subjective superiorities of Xiamen University, it is to be built into a first class cross-subjects research entity for micro-nano optoelectronic materials and devices, a training platform for high level specialist, a research base for new technology and new products of micro-nano optoelectronic materials and devices in southeast China, a research center for national semiconductor lighting industrialization base, and finally to become a national class engineering research center for Micro-nano Optoelectronic Materials and Devices after hard working.

The center bases on the semiconductor photonic research center, as well as the first national grade physics post-doctor workstation of Xiamen University, the first national grade unit of doctoral program of physics, the second national grade unit of doctoral program of microelectronic and solid state electronics of Xiamen University, the research center of semiconductor lighting engineering, the key lab of semiconductor and its application of Fujian province, the research center of optoelectronic and information materials and device engineering technology, the test and certification center of semiconductor lighting of Xiamen. Under the construction of the 1st and 2nd phases of 211 and 985 projects, the center has been equipped with several powerful systems for deposition of semiconductor thin film such as MOCVD, UHV-CVD, MBE; for semiconductor device processing such as high resolution optical deposition system, lithography and bonding system, ICP; for optoelectronic measurements like UV-spectrum, general test system for LED, NRM; forming a rather strong basement for the developing of engineering projects, guaranteeing the smooth and successful running of the center.

In the center, there are about 40 outstanding research staffs in four research groups, namely, the teams for material growth, characterization, device and application, and theoretical designing. Correspondingly, four engineering labs for preparation of micro-nano optoelectronic materials, measurement and characterization of micro-nano material and devices, micro-nano optoelectronic devices and applications, and theoretical designing of micro-nano materials and devices are built. The research activities of the center are mainly focused on the developing of wide band gap and Si based micro-nano optoelectronic materials and related devices, especially the theoretical designing, wafer preparation, characterization, and application developing of device and material with structures of semiconductor heterojunction, supper lattice, quantum well, quantum dots.