International College

The International College was founded in May 2005. It is the result of a common project with the China Scholarship Council. Its purpose is to prepare students for studies abroad so as to enable them to meet the challenges of a modern world. Thus the International College provides programs combining studies here in China with studies abroad and it has established several partnerships with well known foreign universities.

The College currently offers the following programs:

  • The British 3+2 Masters Program (3 years in China and 2 abroad)
  • The Pre-Masters Program
  • The Foundation Program
  • The Sino-Japanese Program (2+2)
  • The International Bilingual Teaching Program

Students choose among these programs according to their personal preferences and situations. These programs last from one to five years. The diplomas and certificates awarded by the International College are recognized by more than 100 foreign universities in Britain, the US, France, Australia, Ireland and several other countries. Several French "Grandes Ecoles de Commerce" (Business Schools) are currently recognizing and accepting our students.

The International College is proud to be able to provide all modern educational resources together with the excellent learning infrastructure of Xiamen University. The College also provides administrative service such as visa applications, enrollment, pre-enrollment and applications with foreign universities, all of which are done via the China Scholarship Council and the China International Education Service Centre.

The College uses original English textbooks, and the teaching language is English. In such a way the students learn English while they are studying their major subjects. That happens on the basis of specific educational programs developing the students' professional and scientific abilities and their whole personality.

The International College has put in place a considerable teaching staff of Chinese and foreign professors and lecturers, most of whom have taught or studied abroad. 30% of them are native English speakers.

The College is located in the new Zhangzhou Campus of Xiamen University. The excellent modern educational facilities and the beautiful environment offer great convenience to our students.